STT GDC India enables Wibmo to deliver high-quality and secure digital payment solutions

Jun 14, 2022
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Wibmo is a leading technology and service provider for the financial services industry. While the company is best known for its hosted risk-based authentication and payment security services, it provides solutions ranging from mobile payments, fraud and risk management, prepaid solutions and a host of merchant services.


A Cupertino, California-based company, Wibmo has built state-of-the-art, large-scale and secure operational capabilities that processed over a billion transactions in 2019. With a significant footprint in APAC, Wibmo has been expanding its presence globally while maintaining a strong presence in the region.


As a leader in digital payment solutions, Wibmo depends on technology as a differentiator to stay ahead in the game and help customers achieve business objectives. This includes delivering a range of innovative payment solutions in a highly available and secure manner for banks, merchants and consumers.


Says Narasimha YK, Manager - IT, who looks after data centre operations, “Technology-based innovation is the bedrock of our strategy in which high uptime and service availability are our value propositions. Authentication and payment services are relevant only when the service is available and able to fulfil merchants and consumers’ needs.”


"We have had a long partnership with STT GDC India as they understand our business needs and have fulfilled our requirements consistently."

Narasimha YK, Manager - IT


Customer Challenge


Digital payment solutions are designed on the premise that it is always available when needed. So high availability of services and business continuity are the foundation of Wibmo’s business.


As a financial services provider and enabler, ensuring high level of secure transactions is another value proposition. Any lapse in security and compliance not only entails huge loss to the customer, stakeholders and others in the value chain, but also means a death blow to Wibmo’s business. Therefore, high regulatory compliance, privacy of customer information and policy adherence must be rigidly enforced.


The need for a robust technology backbone for a company like Wibmo cannot be overemphasized as the success of business transactions ride on the quality of its payment solutions. At the same time, Wibmo needed a dependable data centre partner as its range of Managed Services, which provide hosted solutions, require a highly scalable and secure environment.


In recent times, the need for a scalable and reliable data centre partner for end-to-end solutions became even more critical as Wibmo’s business in India has been experiencing rapid growth, given the Government’s emphasis on digital payment and the rapid adoption of digital payment as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic.


STT GDC India Solution


Wibmo uses STT GDC India co-location facilities in Bangalore wherein STT GDC India provides infrastructure provisioning along with necessary power and cooling to run the data centre, allowing Wibmo to focus on innovation and ensure customer security and compliance.


The Wibmo-STT GDC India partnership, which was forged in 2015, has grown stronger over the years with a steady expansion of business and STT GDC India offerings continuously evolved to meet the changing needs of the customer. As Wibmo’s business expanded and needed more resources, it relied on STT GDC India as one of its partners to provide the necessary infrastructure to power its growing business.


The purpose-built data centres enabled Wibmo to quickly access infrastructure resources while focusing on delivering high-quality authentication and payment solutions to emerge as a front runner in its business segment.


Following global best practices, STT GDC India provides physical security of data centres and is certified by global security standards, including PCI DSS certification, the standard required by the payment industry.


The STT GDC India data centre provides a layered security system, starting from the perimeter, at the building, the floor and at the cabinet level, each of which are guarded and protected by security personnel and strong digital defence systems, including multiple authorization and authentication processes.


Customer Benefits


Wibmo digital payment solutions are growing rapidly in the Indian market with the help of STT GDC India co-location solutions. Says Narasimha YK, “We have had a long partnership with STT GDC India as they understand our business needs and have fulfilled our requirements consistently.”


In addition, STT GDC India’s reliable data centre solutions have accrued the following benefits to Wibmo:


  • Enabled IT to meet stringent security and compliance requirements of the financial services industry.
  • Enabled IT to focus on innovative solutions and cater to dynamic customer needs instead of spending time in undifferentiated heavy lifting, such as racking and stacking of servers.