Building a sustainable foundation for the digital future


Building a sustainable foundation for the digital future

Creating meaningful impact, actioned with integrity, in the best interests of people and planet is at the core of how we operate our business. At STT GDC, we recognise our responsibility to play a part in continuing to support the growth of the data centre sector, whilst future-proofing our business to operate sustainably in a resource-constrained world.

We have aligned our objectives with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy outlines our ambition and goals for the next 5 to 10 years, focusing on:

  • Carbon-neutral data centre operations by 2030
  • A safe, secure and inclusive workplace
  • Ethical and responsible operations

This accelerates our collective commitment and progress to deliver this vision in a sustainable, responsible manner, leading in the high-growth markets that we operate in today, even as we expand to new geographies, inspiring continued trust in STT GDC. The strategy will drive our sustainability efforts under the ESG pillars and signifies the group’s commitment towards contributing to a more sustainable global economy.


A message from our President and Group CEO

bruno lopez

Sustainability has always been a key priority for STT GDC, and the group recognises its responsibility in delivering future-proof data centres that are aligned with society’s current and future expectations. Today we operate across various countries and as a Group, 43% of our electricity consumption is already derived from zero-carbon renewable sources. But we are not resting on our laurels. Through this ESG strategy, we are formalising our approach and accelerating our commitment to providing responsible digital infrastructure across all our existing data centre platforms, even as we expand to new geographies.

At STT GDC, we are acutely aware of the unique position we occupy as a data centre operator – essential for society, governments and the global technology industry to function and yet part of an industry where resource consumption levels are continuing to grow. As businesses actively move to mitigate climate change, the onus has fallen on businesses like ours to take the lead, maintain the social licence to operate and ensure full alignment with national and international sustainability agendas such as the recently announced Singapore Green Plan 2030.

De-carbonising our data centre operations

While the world strives towards environmental sustainability, we are on a constant quest for greener solutions at our data centres. As the core infrastructure provider for the digital world, the way we operate directly impacts the ecosystem. It is imperative for us to think and act differently in order to make a meaningful difference. STT GDC seeks to continually enhance energy efficiency, improve PUE, and lower the total cost of ownership of our data centres.

In response to these environmental challenges, we are:


Leveraging carbon-free energy

Buying energy from green power suppliers, renewable energy certificates (REC), and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

green data centres

Greening new builds

New data centres built to top global and local building and energy efficiency certifications such as BREEAM, LEED, BCA-IMDA Green Mark, SS564 and more

Adapting design strategies that leverage local conditions while assessing on-site risks and opportunities

optimising performance

Optimising performance

Benchmark and comply our data centres with global standards, and implementing water usage efficiency programs to reduce resource consumption

Creating a safe, diverse and inclusive workplace for all

At STT GDC, people matter. The health, safety and wellbeing of all who work and interact at our facilities and workplaces are paramount. Building a culture of inclusion and diversity is also critical and we ensure to provide positive environments where our employees can thrive best in.

Our way forward includes:

workplace safety

Ensuring safe workplaces

Safeguarding the health and wellbeing of all related to our business operations

Committing to world-class safety performance of our construction and operational activities, including certification to relevant standards such as ISO45001

inclusion and diversity

Advancing diversity and inclusion

Improving gender diversity and under-represented minorities in the workforce

Providing a respectful, inclusive environment for all to feel comfortable and heard


Providing training and development opportunities

Supporting our employees with programmes to boost their individual performance

Encouraging our employees to expand their skillsets and knowledge through training and development courses specific to their expertise

Establishing effective control, ethical conduct, sector leadership

Corporate integrity and responsible business practices are paramount to STT GDC and continue to govern the company’s values and culture. As an active shareholder, we also promote sound corporate governance in our portfolio companies. We will continue to apply our already rigorous focus on ethical best-practice governance and maintain the highest levels of integrity in every location we operate.

We are raising the bar through:

checks and balances

Zero-tolerance policy on bribery, kickbacks, and corruption

All persons acting on STT GDC’s behalf must conduct all business activities compliant to our Policy and all applicable anti-corruption laws

ethics and compliance

Advocating ethics and compliance

Ongoing training and communication programmes for all employee levels on anti-corruption and ethics annually

Emphasising our code of conduct with business partners and suppliers


All STT GDC employees, and other persons acting on STT GDC’s behalf are expected to act lawfully and ethically at all times while carrying out their job duties and business responsibilities in full compliance with our policy statement and all applicable anti-corruption laws, and shall not directly or indirectly engage in any corrupt practices.

To uphold the highest standards of conduct, all employees are empowered and encouraged to report improper conduct or unethical behavior without any fear of reprisal.

Channel for safe, confidential reporting

For safe and confidential reporting, all concerns will be treated with strict confidence, fairly, and expeditiously. Any type of retaliation against an employee for reporting a concern in good faith is viewed as a serious matter and shall be regarded as a cause for disciplinary action.

For anonymous reporting, you may contact our Business Conduct hotline managed by an independent third-party service provider: