Grow your career with us

Step by step, STT GDC is helping the world to build a smart, sustainable digital future. Our global data centre network is always growing, and so is our team.

Our success as a business and rapid, continued expansion are down to two things: the expertise and dedication of our team members. Empowering technological advancement requires both operational excellence and an entrepreneurial mindset. We see our Group as a catalyst for positive change, and we look for talented people who take a similar view of themselves. In return, we provide an outstanding platform for personal and professional development.

We pride ourselves on our open-mindedness as an organisation and embrace people from across the spectrum of educational, professional and personal backgrounds. A diverse workforce is key to maintaining our competitive edge. A wide range of experience and perspectives helps ensure we provide the best service to our customers and creates a fertile environment for innovation. It also simply makes STT GDC an exciting and inspiring place to work.

If you are looking to grow your career while shaping a better digital world, we want to hear from you. For job enquiries and applications, please write to us below.