STT GDC India Data Centre facilitates seamless distribution systems to serve global customers

Jun 14, 2022
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Seamless Distribution Systems (SDS) is a technology and business solutions provider with platform offerings for electronic transactions and digital wallets. Based in Sweden, the company offers solutions in four key areas: digital distribution; growth solutions; financial services; and professional services. A public company, it is listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier.


Backed by 30 years of experience, Seamless Distribution Systems is a global company, serving more than 500 million customers. Starting as a digital value distribution company, it had multiple partnerships, including Ericsson for global distribution and channel management.


The company aims to facilitate a digital revolution in financial transactions for underserved people in emerging markets. It has a direct presence in 11 countries including India where it has a development centre to deliver custom solutions.


Customer Challenge


Seamless Distribution Systems' presence in India is primarily leveraged to deliver technical support and custom development, serving customers in Africa, Europe, Asia and the US. Many of its customers are running mission-critical applications for which high uptime is required.


As a development centre, it has large teams of developers working for custom applications with tight deadlines. These teams are working on multiple projects in a collaborative environment with other Seamless Distribution Systems' developers at different locations and the customer site.


High uptime and availability are critical business needs as billing is connected to the number of hours developers are logging and to achieve timely delivery schedule. Considering that time and material is a commonly used engagement model in software development, data centre downtime leads to massive revenue loss, especially when there is a large number of developers.


At the same time, security is a pre-requisite while serving customers from India. To deliver timely and high-quality services, Seamless Distribution Systems must have a solid technology platform to collaborate seamlessly and deliver uninterrupted services to customers.


Seamless Distribution Systems needed a solid technology partner to deliver reliable, secure and highly available data centre services. Setting up and managing a data centre is time-consuming and tedious, shifting focus from its core activity. So, Seamless Distribution Systems turned to STT GDC India to take advantage of its co-location facilities and focus on its business objectives.


"STT GDC India offers reliable infrastructure and best-in-class customer service that enables us to achieve our business objectives."

Tapash Raha, Infrastructure Lead, Seamless Distribution Systems


STT GDC India Solution


Seamless Distribution Systems used state-of-the-art STT GDC India data centres in Kolkata to access robust, reliable, secure infrastructure to host critical applications for technical support and set up a development environment to design, develop and test software codes.


STT GDC India provides infrastructure provisioning, along with necessary power and cooling, to run the datacentre, helping Seamless Distribution Systems to achieve its business demand for high availability. STT GDC India provides five layers of physical security—at the perimeter; facility; floor; quadrant and at the cabinet-level with tools and process that control access, detect intrusion and identify personnel.


Being carrier-neutral, STT GDC India provides Seamless Distribution Systems with the flexibility to partner any network provider and access its data centre at high-speed. The purpose-built datacentres enable Seamless Distribution Systems to focus on innovation and achieve operational excellence with enhanced collaboration in a secure environment.


Customer Benefits


Seamless Distribution Systems is a satisfied customer leveraging STT GDC India’s custom-made, reliable, energy-efficient and secure data centre solutions. Says Tapash Raha, Infrastructure Lead at Seamless Distribution Systems, “STT GDC India offers reliable infrastructure and best-in-class customer service that enables us to achieve our business objectives.”


Specifically, the following benefits have accrued to the customer:


  • It enables Seamless Distribution Systems' IT team to focus on strategic things that impact business outcomes instead of getting mired in the day-to-day operations of running the data centre infrastructure.
  • Seamless Distribution Systems is able to meet customer commitments with timely delivery and top-quality product development services. High uptime and availability have enabled operational excellence and high developer utilization, directly boosting customer billing and revenue generation.
  • Seamless Distribution Systems has stringent compliance and regulatory requirements to support customer deployments remotely, which STT GDC India has helped meet with multiple layers of physical data centre security.