Capacity building and availability makes STT GDC India a partner of choice for HDFC Limited

Jun 14, 2022
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Founded in 1977 as the country’s first specialised mortgage company, HDFC Ltd forayed into the mutual funds and insurance space in the year 2000.


Capacity and availability – the driving forces behind data centre colocation


The man at the helm of IT operations at HDFC Ltd, Nilesh Khot, DGM-IT, revealed why capacity and availability mattered most in partnering with STT GDC India.


What makes data centre colocation a winning strategy is the ability to deploy a data centre without actually having to purchase or manage it.


HDFC Ltd has its core application hosted at the STT GDC India data centre. The company harnesses 24 racks at STT Mumbai DC 3 and an additional nine racks at STT Bengaluru DC 2.


The lion’s share of the IT infrastructure at HDFC Ltd is dedicated to its customer-facing portal – the website. “We prioritized availability as one of our primary requirements and needed a Rated-3 framework that provided all critical services,” revealed Khot.


“Another major factor was the brand name while choosing a service partner. Moreover, it is located in close vicinity from our office and offers all the required facilities,” he added.


"Deployment is done as per schedule and within the timelines provided. Racks and services deployment take no longer than a month."

Nilesh Khot DGM-IT, HDFC Ltd


STT GDC India delivers Rated-3 data centre right on schedule


Given the criticality of a customer-facing website, which needs to be up and running at all times, HDFC Ltd desired a robust, dependable, high-capacity infrastructure – in short, a Rated-3 data centre.


Rated-3 data centre ensures a high level of security, integrity and redundancy. It is after a whole host of assessments that a data centre is certified with a TIA-942 Rated-3 certification. A Rated-3 data centre guarantees 99.982 percent availability.


The DC allows for power, connectivity and availability back up. And this is precisely what goes on to make the data centre robust and secure.


On time deployment paves the road for a longstanding partnership


Bringing to light the best part about colocation with STT GDC India, Khot said that availability, timely responses and proactive updates were the winning factors.


“Deployment is done as per schedule and within the timelines provided,” he explained. In addition to this, he said that racks and services deployment takes no longer than a month.


With STT GDC India currently powering 33 racks at two locations, Khot is optimistic on a long-standing partnership with the data centre maven. “We look forward to a long-term association with STT GDC India and also look forward to the same quality of service and experience to be provided,” he concluded.