PodChats for FutureCIO: Considerations for digital infrastructure

Sep 11, 2023
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The digitalisation of operations and the increasing use of streaming and internet usage drive demand for data and boost the data centre market with positive long-term growth opportunities.


According to CBRE, the strong demand (for data centre capacity) is yielding record-low vacancy rates and the worldwide shortage of available supply is leading to price increases for data centre capacity.


Clifford Chance report predicts the data centre industry growth will be tempered by higher costs, slowing economies in many parts of the world, new capacity challenges and increased regulation due to sustainability concerns about energy and water consumption.


CBRE posits this will spur innovations in data centre design and technology as operators aim to deliver the capacity that meets the increased power density requirements of high-performance computing.


In this episode of PodChats for FutureCIO, Daniel Pointon, Group Chief Technology Officer (CTO), shares about the mid- to long-term opportunities for a digital infrastructure provider, the impact of data sovereignty on data centre services and how we are actively addressing the increasing demand for colocation and AI workloads sustainably.