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Discover STT GDC's Data Centre Interconnection Hubs in the heart of Southeast Asia’s most vibrant business hubs. As one of the fastest-growing data centre providers globally and across the Southeast Asia region, STT GDC delivers a diverse suite of services meticulously tailored to meet industry demands and customer aspirations. Embracing carrier neutrality, we offer access to an extensive selection of local and international network service providers, internet exchanges and submarine cable systems, ensuring unparalleled flexibility and choice for our customers, all while ensuring low latency.
Tai Seng, Singapore

STT Singapore 5 is located in the east of Singapore with rich connectivity and abundant redundant power availability. Connected via metro links to various Tier 1 submarine cable systems, STT Singapore 5 is strategically positioned as a regional connectivity hub to meet the customer demands in the Asia-Pacific markets.


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Hua Mak, Bangkok, Thailand

Strategically located in the Hua Mak business district, STT Bangkok 1 is the first of two buildings in the STT Bangkok Data Centre Campus. With a 20MW IT load and extensive certifications by global standards, it is equipped to support customers’ unique IT deployment needs, offering the highest level of security and reliability.


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Pathumwan, Bangkok, Thailand

STT Bangkok 3 serves as an interconnection hub, offering carrier density and low-latency capabilities in Bangkok's central business district. Located on Wireless Road with excellent transportation access, it stands as an ideal choice for businesses seeking fast and dependable access to data, applications, and cloud services with unparalleled security and seamless connectivity.


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Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

This tier-3 aligned data center is trusted by international and local enterprises across different industries from tech giants, financial services, healthcare providers, among many others.


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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Located in the Tan Thuan area, STT VNG Ho Chi Minh City 1 (previously referred to as VNG Data Center) is strategically positioned as Ho Chi Minh City’s first carrier-neutral connectivity hub. It provides network coverage from major local telecommunication operators and services, including cloud access to leading providers, local leased lines and disaster recovery workspaces. An Uptime Tier-3 rated facility, it is also ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS certified. It is designed to meet the global standards of local and international banks, financial institutions, Internet exchange operators, local, regional, and international network service providers, content delivery network providers, edge computing cloud providers and other enterprise segments. Customers in STT VNG Ho Chi Minh City 1 will be able to establish a direct peering connection to VNGGames and VNG Cloud.


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STT GDC provides a strong foundation for interconnection, business growth, and digital infrastructure in key economies across Southeast Asia

Whether you're a burgeoning startup or a seasoned enterprise, our Data Centre Interconnection Hubs offer solutions tailored to meet your connectivity requirements. Embark on a journey towards realizing the full potential of your business, leveraging our strategic locations, rich network density, and low-latency infrastructure.

Software-Defined Interconnection

Connect everywhere with network-as-a-service platforms, harnessing tremendous speed, network manageability and agility.

Cloud On-Ramps

Access major public and specialist clouds through dedicated direct or extended private links, increasing network reliability and performance.

Internet Exchanges

Access top local and international internet exchanges through public and remote peering for seamless traffic exchange with internet service providers, content delivery networks and content providers, improving network resiliency and latency performance.

Network Service Providers

Find a range of internet services, leased lines and IP transit through Tier 1 carriers, and local and regional network service providers, ensuring a fit of connectivity options for mission-critical operations.

Submarine Cables

Connect to numerous major submarine cable systems, unlocking new avenues of business expansion and growth.

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