Thriving businesses in a digital economy often operate connection-dense network environments to support their fast-paced operations. The complexity of network connectivity has created a demand for multi-data centre and multi-cloud network services.

Built for your needs

We ensure that every facility is operated according to a strict internal benchmark consistent with international standards for operational excellence, energy-efficiency and security, pairing local expertise with our global strengths.


Get access to multiple leading carrier hotels and top public cloud platforms.


One provider, one bill to meet customers’ complete colocation and connectivity needs.


Flexible contract terms that let you eliminate contract lock-in with option of monthly terms.
STT GDC India Benefits Manageability and Flexibility


As a carrier-neutral provider, STT GDC is well positioned to fulfil these needs with a synergistic combination of colocation and network services. Our connectivity services are optimised for a variety of deployment scenarios, including hybrid deployments, multi-data centre and multi-cloud environments. Customers also have the freedom to sign up for what they need, including the ability to connect to multiple service providers, leading carrier hotels and top public cloud platforms.


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Scale with ease
Flexible contract terms
Connect to leading carrier hotels and cloud service providers
Access non-STT GDC data centres, top public clouds

Ride on a global network

Choose your preferred interconnection provider and a service that best fits your needs.
Available in both unshielded twisted pair (UTP) and fibre with a variety of connectors, Cross Connect offers reliable Layer 1 connections to network service providers, business partners and any endpoint within the data centre.
Metro Connect is a secure and dedicated Layer 2 point-to-point service between any of our data centres, or between a STT GDC data centre and a carrier hotel in Singapore. With Metro Connect, it enables customers to access network service providers, business partners and a whole host of business opportunities.
Dedicated Internet Access provides guaranteed bandwidth and uninterrupted connectivity to meet your business needs. Bandwidth ranges are available from 10Mbps to 10Gbps.