Sustainability-Linked Financial Framework

Following our pledge to achieve carbon neutral data centre operations by 2030, STT GDC Pte Ltd launched a dedicated financing framework in July 2022 as an extension of our commitment to linking our financing approach to our progress in achieving mid- to long-term sustainability goals.

Linking our financing approach with ESG progress

As the digital economy continues to grow exponentially, solid digital infrastructure is more critical than ever. STT GDC’s data centres help to provide that digital foundation in the modern world, enabling connectivity. Our services are essential for society, governments and the global technology industry to function. They are also part of an industry that must contend with growing resource consumption.

STT GDC is determined to continuously improve its own sustainability performance and that of the Group of Companies. This focus and strategy are part of our mission to be socially responsible and do what is right by people and the planet. We believe there is a positive correlation and mutual
reinforcement between sustainability and financial performance.

To demonstrate our commitment to our ESG strategy, we have established the Sustainability-Linked Financing Framework to facilitate the structuring of STT GDC’s financing where applicable. This can take the form of Sustainability-Linked Financing Transactions (“SLFTs”) including, but not limited to,
Sustainability-Linked Bonds (“SLBs”) and Sustainability-Linked Loans (“SLLs”).

The documents relevant to our Sustainability-Linked Bond Framework are set out as below: