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ST Telemedia Global Data Centres (India) (STT GDC India) is dedicated to establishing the bedrock of a smarter, more sustainable digital future. As a rapidly expanding data centre provider, our mission at STT GDC India is to empower businesses in diverse industries with reliable and innovative data centre solutions that cater to their evolving needs and prioritise minimal environmental impact.


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STT GDC India is dedicated to building a foundation for growth. While delivering responsible, dependable, and replicable processes, we set a platform for you to realise your ambitions for a smarter, more sustainable digital future. Uniting deep local expertise with an extensive global reach, we create the foundations for you to realise your vision, no matter what it is. Blending the digital with the physical, we emphasise the seamless journey to digital innovation. At the heart of our business is the digital transformation which is the backbone of every vertical’s future success.


Key Highlights



Data Centres




MW IT Load

~ 318 +

Renewable Energy Penetration FY 24

48 %


100 %

PUE Improvement

2.4 %

WUE Improvement

25 %

Recognitions and Accolades


STT GDC India, on its mission to drive a sustainable digital future, has once more achieved the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Company of the Year Award 2022 in the Indian Data Centre Colocation Services Industry. This remarkable accomplishment marks the fifth consecutive time we have received this esteemed recognition.


Apart from our sustainable data centers certified with IGBC LEED GOLD showcasing our dedication to Green Building Concepts and environmental care, our commitment to excellence goes beyond. We've also been acknowledged as a Great Place to Work®, validating our values through thorough assessment and employee input.



At STT GDC India, we are the cornerstones of the digital world, driven by the core idea of #EnablingOurDigitalFuture. With an agile and entrepreneurial approach, we ensure uninterrupted connectivity that others rely on. Our unwavering commitment to customers, employees, and the planet drives us to provide exceptional service. We lead the industry by staying focused on our goals, fostering innovation, and driving progress.


Empowering Your Digital


With a focus on excellence, we are the trusted partner you can rely on, offering unwavering support in an era where technology plays a crucial role. Our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions ensures your business can adapt, grow, and excel in the face of evolving challenges and opportunities.

Recognising the significance of sustainable operations and environmental responsibility, STT GDC India, as a leading data centre provider, has implemented various environmental practices and initiatives:
We implement measures such as energy-efficient infrastructure, advanced cooling, and renewable energy sources to enhance energy efficiency in our data centres. We are committed to using advanced, highly efficient modular air-cooled chillers, eliminating each data centre’s water dependency without impacting power usage effectiveness (PUE). We are committed to innovative water conservation solutions, including a unique reverse osmosis (RO) plant and a rainwater harvesting system. Furthermore, our commitment extends to creating zero-discharge buildings across all STT GDC India data centres. It means that no waste or harmful substances are released into the environment, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to maintaining a clean and sustainable ecosystem.
We are committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 through initiatives like reducing energy consumption, transitioning to renewable energy, and offsetting carbon emissions. Today, 36% of our electricity consumption is from zero-carbon renewable resources.
Our state-of-the-art facilities embody green building design principles, employing sustainable materials, harnessing natural light and ventilation, and harnessing the power of rainwater harvesting. By prioritizing the environment, we not only minimize our impact but also deliver top-notch services. Witness our commitment to sustainability firsthand, as STT GDC India's Data Centre proudly holds the prestigious ‘Gold’ certification from the Indian Green Business Council. We lead the way in the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) for India Green Building Rating System.
We proudly hold environmental certifications, including ISO 14001, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to upholding rigorous environmental standards and continually improving our environmental performance. We lead by example and inspire positive change in the industry toward a greener future. At STT GDC India, we drive sustainable global growth, empowering businesses for local and international success through cutting-edge data centre solutions. We champion environmental sustainability, shaping a greener and more prosperous digital era. Our talented teams amplify technology's value, fostering positive change. Combining local expertise with global capabilities, we provide a competitive edge by leveraging regional insights. With a can-do spirit, we go the extra mile, challenging assumptions, and continuously improving our long-term commitment to exceptional service.

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