The why and how of DC services

Jul 31, 2020
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The Internet acts like a glue that holds the fabric of modern society together. Day to day transactions and facilities like making credit card payments or ordering a pizza are directly or indirectly supported and powered by the Internet, which is strongly backed by data center services. Knowingly and unknowingly, we rely on these services today for everything.


At its core, a data centre facility is used by companies to house crucial IT infrastructure. Future-ready data centres provide a simple and adaptive infrastructure to enterprises which are capable of responding to the disruptive change in requirements.


Basic data centre services include:


  • Infrastructure as a service
  • Connectivity as a service
  • Support services


Smooth operation of these services is essential for uninterrupted business continuity. Especially with the increasing demand of online support services, colocation data centre providers have to ensure stable operations with no downtime, now more than ever. Along with this, all data centre services must meet the highest security standards and compliance.


Let us explore these services in detail.


  • Architectural Design Services


Architectural design is key for a high-density data centre to save on capital investments. The initial investment can save long-term operational expenses or OpEx. For instance, you can plan structural cabling ahead of your migration schedule. You can also take help from your data centre service provider for a smooth process.


  • Relocation Services


Various IT companies spend time planning their data centre services while neglecting relocation, which is also essential. Adequate relocation planning done beforehand reduces the risk of downtime while transitioning. You can also take expert assistance from your data centre service providers.


  • Security Services


Organizational data faces an unprecedented number of threats today, thereby demanding enormous security resources. Many enterprises also follow compliance to meet multiple agreements and protect consumer information.


Such enterprises who have partnered with data centres face fewer threats as they have physical security and compliance standards in place. Modern data centre services also include providing multilayer physical security to protect their customer’s IT infrastructure. It helps lower the risk of a physical security breach to a great extent. For instance, STT GDC India has 5 layers of physical security with 24*7 video surveillance for all its colocation data centres which minimizes security risk for any organization.


  • Managed Services


Many IT companies seek the help of data centre services to deal with increasing demands of IT infrastructure and deliver faster processes with accuracy. It also cuts their expenses of managed in-house services and offers a better solution with quick response. Data centre services provide storage facilities for IT infrastructure to meet the demands of enterprises for better operations with enhanced security.


  • Basic/Core Data Centre Services


Core data centre services include power, connectivity, and space. However, power has evolved substantially over the years due to the growing size of the IT infrastructure. While increasing floor space is essential, boosting a cabinet or rack’s power density is also critical. A high-density deployment data centre supports all these facilities as per requirements of any given equipment regardless of its size.


Connectivity services have advanced over the years. Today, carrier-neutral colocation data centres provide multiple choices of network providers. Enterprises can choose one or multiple interconnectivity providers based on their preference.


Manage Complex IT Infrastructure with a 3rd Party Data Centre Services Provider


Switching to data centre services is a long-term commitment for which you must analyze all aspects beforehand. You should know all your requirements and specifications for managing a complex IT infrastructure with data centre services and choose only reliable ones.


STT GDC India offers one of the best data centre services with advanced solutions to meet your requirements. Awarded as Data Centre Company of the Year by Indian Banking Summit & Awards 2019 – STT GDC India offers modular infrastructure and carrier-neutral network connectivity options. Its data centre services support a complete business ecosystem with a continuity plan to ensure uninterruptible operations for its customers. It guarantees uptime and service availability within all its data centre facilities.