Virtual event hosting: what is it and how do data centres support it?

May 08, 2021
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Due to the Covid-19 crisis, face-to-face meetings have become challenging, and users are utilizing technology such as virtual event tools as they offer many benefits. Data centre solutions offer the needed infrastructure and support for businesses to host virtual events smoothly and efficiently.


What are Virtual Events?


In simple terms, virtual events are online events conducted using web-based tools. These solutions can link thousands of event attendees across the world and offer interactive engagement functions like chat boxes, Q&A, polling, and others.


Virtual events can be classified into four main types: external hybrid events, internal hybrid events, webinars, and virtual conferences.


Organizations can save money and effort by opting for virtual events rather than in-person events in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. Some popular events during the crisis were Microsoft Build, the F8 Developer Conference by Facebook, and World Tour Sydney Reimagined by Salesforce.


Benefits of Conducting Virtual Events


Now, let's look at the main advantages of hosting virtual events, meetings, and conferences:


Saves Money


Budgets are shrinking and event and meeting planners can save money with virtual events. In fact, you can save overhead costs with virtual events as you can avoid the expenses of venue, staff, setup and removal, attendees' travel, hotel, and meals expenses, and more. You simply need to shell out for the virtual event solution.


Saves Time


You can save a lot of time for yourself as well as for your staff and attendees. Sure, you need to spend some time to organize the virtual event and take care of tasks like creating the event website, marketing, promotion, and registration. But the total time required for this work is much less than what's required for in-person events. You, your staff, and attendees can also save on travel time and utilize that time for priority jobs.


More Flexible


Online events allow you to be more flexible in your broadcasts. You can create interactive and engaging sessions, invite guests to be speakers, and offer multiple language options, among other things.


Go Global


Virtual events enable you to expand your reach globally by sharing the event link on your social media platforms and website. People from anywhere in the world can easily join without the need to travel. Thus, you can grow your audience by allowing anyone, from anywhere, to participate.


Collect Feedback Easily


You can collect real-time feedback during sessions through instant surveys and polls to understand how the event is progressing and to quickly resolve any attendee concerns. This is important as presenters cannot view participants' faces if the online event solution doesn't facilitate it. You can measure your virtual event's overall success from the reviews and feedback.


Make Connections Effortlessly


Virtual events progress at a faster pace than face-to-face conferences as participants don't need to shift between sessions or booths. Thus, they enable you to connect more easily with the speakers and attendees. As the event is online, participants can effortlessly record vital info like the names and titles of their connections on their computer or mobile device.


Measure Results Efficiently


Leading virtual event software solutions allow you to collect data about the attendees such as the number of participants, their location, time of login, payment modes, and more. You can generate insightful reports on this data to gauge the impact of your online event and make the needed changes to improve future events.


Data Centre Solutions


Data centre support is necessary to keep virtual event participants happy and engaged. These facilities offer the needed network, bandwidth, security, and redundancy capabilities to ensure virtual events are conducted smoothly.


For instance, online video conferences require a lot of bandwidth and high internet browsing speed, otherwise there would be frustrating issues like buffering and downtime for attendees. Reliable and effective data centre solutions can ensure your virtual event gets the required bandwidth and speed so that downtime and buffering are avoided, and the conference can be conducted without any lag time.


Virtual events have become the new normal in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and they have been widely adopted by businesses to overcome travel restrictions and bans, and other difficulties in conducting in-person meetings. Data centre solutions provide the needed robust and secure support for these corporate virtual events to enable organizers to conduct them smoothly without any issues and remote participants to enjoy a great user experience.


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