The Future of IT Industry: What Role Hyperscale Data Centres are to Play

Nov 27, 2022
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Hyperscale data centres are vast premises that offer power, cooling, and space for network and IT infrastructure. They are specifically designed to deliver a suite of highly scalable storage services and applications to corporations. IDC states that a hyperscale facility has room of at least 10,000 sq. ft. and hosts over 5,000 servers


A hyperscale data centre’s infrastructure is specialized and is designed and built for expansion. It can scale up the services of power requirements, storage, networking, connectivity, and computing as per client needs.  


Why are Hyperscale Data Facilities Preferred? 


Today, there is increasing demand for IoT functionality and cloud computing services and this is making data centres indispensable to businesses. Stats show that at least 33% of all data goes through the cloud. To keep up with the growing demand for advanced technologies and information, data centres are continuously adapting and evolving with upgrades and improvements. In India, the hyperscale data centre market is predicted to top 25 billion by 2025


Let’s now look at why hyperscale data centres are preferred by businesses: 


Scalability as per current needs: Organizations have peak periods when demand is high and low periods when there is tepid demand. A hyperscale facility allows them to scale up or down as per current requirements.  


Speed: Hyperscale data centres permit the swift installation, development, and management of your changing computing needs.  


Easier Management: Hyperscale facilities are easy to manage because they need fewer control layers. Therefore, fewer people are required to handle the different functional operations.  


Easier shift to the cloud: Typically, firms start with migrating non-critical systems to the cloud and then transition to shifting mission-critical ones. Some enterprises may wish to integrate their private cloud with the public cloud. These organizations can use hyperscale data centres to transition smoothly to the cloud at their own speed. 


Minimized losses due to downtime: Hyperscale facilities are built to decrease downtime due to complications like excessive demand. They also help IT systems quickly go online after downtime.  


STT GDC India’s Success Stories 


We are a leading company in the data centre industry in India with 18 advanced data hubs in nine cities. Here are a couple of our success stories with our clients: 


TMC Kolkata  


One of our esteemed clients Tata Medical Center (TMC) is a philanthropic cancer-care hospital in Kolkata that caters to the people of East and North-East India as well as neighboring countries. 


TMC Kolkata utilizes our colocation amenities in Kolkata. We deliver top-notch infrastructure provisioning and the needed cooling and power for the data centre, allowing TMC to concentrate on service delivery and patient care. Our partnership with TMC started in 2013 and has been thriving since then. TMC Kolkata has outsourced its data centre infrastructure management and connectivity needs to us, so it can concentrate on patient care.  


Our excellent data centre security infrastructure and systems have alleviated TMC Kolkata’s worries about the privacy of patient health records. We have implemented a mixture of automated and physical control and checks at multiple levels in keeping with industry best practices.  


TMC Kolkata has gained a lot by partnering with us and has been able to accomplish several strategic goals. We help this client meet its stringent data privacy compliance requirements through our robust security measures. 


Our data centres operate on 30% renewable energy and by partnering with us, TMC Kolkata which is a non-profit organization, has been able to demonstrate sustainability practices that help it attract more funds from green-conscious donors.  




Equifax is a global technology, analytics, and data company. This client has been using our colocation services in Mumbai since 2010 when it launched its operations in India. By outsourcing its data storage and processing needs to us, Equifax is able to concentrate on important issues, such as agile development, innovation, and modernization efforts, and on delivering better value to its clients.  


In addition, our strict security controls and measures enable Equifax to meet vital compliance and regulatory requirements. Our data centre infrastructure has been certified by global standards’ institutions and we use five physical security layers to safeguard our equipment, systems, and data.  


Equifax’s collaboration with us has enabled the company to innovate and produce specialized credit solutions. The firm is able to meet its main goal of using data analytics to provide financial access to those in need, while assisting lenders to disburse loans quickly and easily.