STT GDC India wins Frost & Sullivan Indian Data Centre Colocation Services Company of the Year 2022

Apr 01, 2023
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Jatinder Singh Pabla
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On the journey of fulfilling our purpose of powering the sustainable digital future, STT GDC India has once again been awarded the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Company of the Year award 2022 in the Indian Data Centre Colocation Services Industry for the fifth consecutive time!


STT GDC India is the strongest foundation, enabling customers to confidently realize their visions for a smarter, more sustainable digital future.


We believe that our data centres are the cornerstones of the digital world, and the core idea at the heart of our brand is #EnablingOurDigitalFuture. Our focus is on agile expansion with a touch of entrepreneurialism. We power the world's ability to connect and hence cannot falter as others rely on our consistent services.


Our commitment to our customers, employees and the planet is unwavering, and we are dedicated to continuously providing top-notch service and support. By staying focused on our goals, we shall continue to be a leader in the industry and drive innovation and progress.


Frost & Sullivan applies a rigorous analytical process to evaluate multiple nominees for each award category before determining the final award recipient. The process involves a detailed evaluation of best practices criteria across two dimensions for each nominated company. STT GDC India excels in many of the criteria in the Indian data centre colocation services space.


Visionary Innovation & Performance Customer Impact
Addressing Unmet Needs Price/ Performance Value
Visionary Scenarios Through Mega Trends Customer Purchase Experience
Implementation of Best Practices Customer Ownership Experience
Leadership Focus Customer Service Experience
Financial Performance Brand Equity


Founded in 2005, STT GDC India is a majority-owned subsidiary of STT GDC Singapore and part of the STT GDC Group. The company serves over 1,000 customers across India through its extensive data centre network spanning nine cities (Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Noida, and Ahmedabad). It manages and operates over 3.8 million square feet of gross floor area with approximately 215 MW of critical IT load across 21 carrier-neutral facilities. STT GDC India spearheads the market through its state-of-the-art facilities, industry-leading uptime, and best-in-class services. In 2021, Frost & Sullivan recognized the company for creating a thriving environment for clients' digital strategies through its reliable, eco-responsible products and services and remains impressed with its continuous innovation and sustained leadership.


"STT GDC India's evolving high-capacity infrastructure purposefully taps into the hyperscalers' rapid growth trajectory while catering to enterprise clients. With almost 80% of its capacity already contracted, its two-pronged approach and superb offering, with robust features and capabilities, are a testament to its success."  

Riana Barnard, Best Practices Research Analyst


As emerging domestic players drive increasing competitive intensity, ST Telemedia GDC India focuses on service differentiation, uniquely leveraging its technology and expertise to meet its customers' needs. The company is well-positioned to capitalize on new growth opportunities, cementing its leadership in the India data centre colocation services market.


STT GDC India's approach goes beyond its extensive expertise and best-in-class capabilities, with customer value as a strategic imperative. Through the years, the company has earned a sterling reputation supporting customers' path towards eco-responsible, sustainable digital transformation. Committed to its goal to become net carbon-neutral by 2030, STT GDC India designs, manages, and maintains its data centres to meet energy, water, raw materials, waste, and atmospheric emissions standards. It uses metrics, such as carbon intensity, power usage effectiveness (PUE), and water usage effectiveness (WUE), to track its progress:


  • Approximately 40% of STT GDC India's power consumption comes from renewable energy sources. The company reported a 10% PUE improvement during the past year. In addition to its current wind/solar and hydropower procurement, it signed additional power purchase agreements valued at 149 million kilowatt-hours to increase its future renewable energy penetration.
  • A 19% WUE improvement demonstrates the company's responsible water use across all operations while implementing a better waste data management system.



With third-party data centre providers facing issues of increased power cost, STT GDC India proactively invests in green energy initiatives to secure a sustainable future. As a result, its data centres in Ahmedabad (DC1), Chennai (DC2), and Delhi (DC2) received LEED Gold certification. Furthermore, its DC3 data centre in Bengaluru obtained Gold IGBC status. STT GDC India positions itself as a partner of choice through this strategic approach, strengthened by its long-lasting alliances. Most of its customers have been with the company for over ten years. Notably, STT GDC India's Net Promoter Score increased to 72 in 2022, and the response rate remains high at 93%.


Striving for Excellence


To achieve success, it is essential to continuously challenge assumptions and push boundaries through a culture of innovation. We are #BuiltForGrowth and support technology that powers the future. By consistently looking for ways to improve and excel, we stay ahead of the competition and deliver the best results for our customers. STT GDC India does this with the help of 21 Data Centres spread over 9 prime cities in India and 140+ units worldwide. By extending our dynamic services in various locations, we enhance the customer service experience and brand equity. Moreover, our ethos to maintain this exponential growth has also elevated our performance value and improved our implementation of best practices. Furthermore, our #BuiltForSafety narrative conveys how STT GDC India works to build an infrastructure supporting the growing digital economy while considering the health, safety, well-being and dignity of all its stakeholders, employees and the extended workforce.


Delivering Consistency:


To be a dependable and accountable partner, it is essential to have responsible and replicable processes in place. By creating consistency across our network, we deliver on our promises and provide dependable customer service. Our 15 years of operational excellence is progressed through a dedicatedly engaged team of design thinkers who have always committed to passionately serving our customers. With the idea of #BuiltForOperation, STT GDC India, powers the future of organizations with uninterrupted operations and an unflinching commitment, strengths & competitive expertise, further leveraging technological superiority. By providing 100% uptime to our clients through our centralized helpdesk affiliated with each DC, we have addressed their every need at every hour and uplifted our performance value and implementation of best practices. Through this support mechanism, we have also gained the trust of clients that have kept our financial performance in line with our goals.


Being Socially Responsible:


In addition to providing quality service, having a safety-first mindset and respect for the differences that define us is crucial. By acting as responsible members of the community, we create a positive impact on society with strong people and planet ethics. Being #BuiltForSustainability, STT GDC India runs on the official ESG strategy. The strategy is centred around three pillars of Environmental, Social and Governance and has plans in place for the next 5-10 years. By promising carbon neutrality in our data centre operations by 2030, facilitating a healthy and safe workspace for our employees, and executing ethical sensitization in all our centres, we formulate sustainable scenarios driven by megatrends.


Having Grit:


To deliver results, it is important to embrace a can-do attitude and go the extra mile. By having grit and a passion for what we do, we are able to overcome any obstacle and deliver for our customers, no matter how complex the challenge is. Our ambition has always been to develop proactive next-generation data centres that provide unique and practical solutions. #BuiltforInnovation intends to highlight the innovative technology and practices that differentiate STT GDC India from its competition and helps it command an edge by combining design experience from global expertise with local or Indian experience. Our state-of-the-art automated systems, catalyzed by skilled employees, address the unmet needs of our customers and elate them with smooth, personalized customer ownership and purchase experience. Furthermore, with consistent innovation strategies, we enable first-to-market solutions influenced by megatrends and lead our visionary scenarios.


Acting with Integrity:


Acting with integrity at all times is necessary for building trust and long-term relationships. By committing to our promises, being transparent, and operating with a productive spirit of openness, we can build our customers' success and maintain a positive reputation. We are a certified ISO45001 organization that respects all its stakeholders involved in the process. Our tech-enabled infrastructure comfortably accommodates our workforce and takes care of their well-being and dignity. We are a family that power shares together and collectively brings our customers efficient solutions. This culture, regulated by our leadership focus, impacts our performance value, the customer experience in every aspect, and the implementation of best practices positively.


#BuiltForPeople is all about STT GDC India's human and humane approach towards people and how the brand champions a people-first approach to emerge as a dynamic organization. Our people are the primary drivers of the growth and innovation of this organization. We take utmost care of them, even in unprecedented situations. We take care of our employees in-house and support them throughout their time in our organization to upskill and enhance their corporate experience. This has helped our leadership focus and elevated the scale of all other criteria mentioned above.


We work to evolve in this digital economy and deliver authentic data solutions and services to our customers, further revolutionizing the data centre industry through our unparalleled commitment. Winning this award for the fifth time straight is a true honour, and we couldn't be more excited. We look forward to building the strongest foundation and enabling customers to confidently realize their visions for a smarter, more sustainable digital future.


Since its inception, STT GDC India's sterling reputation and customer-centric framework led to its coveted preferred partner status. Technology investments enable the company to increase customer satisfaction through self-service portals, predictive maintenance capabilities, and automation systems.


With technology supporting people and processes to enhance its unique value offering, STT GDC India added a range of new customers to its established base. In addition, the company actively cultivates industry expertise through its Technological Institute in Bangalore, upskilling talent and delivering more than 200 certified technicians to the market. As a learning organization with a growth mindset, STT GDC India mandates that employees undergo 28 hours of training annually. In particular, the company commits itself to integrating women workers into the data centre engineering ecosystem, actively advancing policy development in the country.


Frost & Sullivan believes STT GDC India is well-positioned to drive the data centre colocation services space into its next growth phase, capturing market share and sustaining its leadership in the coming years.


With its strong overall performance, STT GDC India earns Frost & Sullivan's 2022 Indian Company of the Year Award in the data centre colocations services industry.


Congratulations to everyone who has contributed to this fantastic achievement!


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