STT GDC India provides a strong foundation for Softcell’s DC & hosting services

Jun 15, 2022
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Softcell Technologies Global Pvt. Ltd. (Softcell) is an IT services provider specializing in security, data centre, hosting services, cloud management, mobility and engineering solutions. Established in 1989, the company is based in Mumbai and has presence across India with a wide base of enterprise customers.


Softcell's portfolio of IT services include – (i) Systems Integration (Cloud, Data Centre, Security), (ii) Mobility (Workforce Enablement, Employee Choice Programs, Device Management), and (iii) Engineering Services (3D CAD, Tolerance, Simulation, PLM, IoT). From devising the IT strategy to designing, architecting, implementing and managing the IT solutions, Softcell’s 600+ team members across 6 offices in India, partner and engage with customers and help them optimise their IT operations to run the business smartly.


“STT GDC India understands our business requirements and has fulfilled those consistently.”

Girish Landge, Head - Data Centre Solutions, Softcell


Customer Challenge


Data centre and hosting solutions form a key part of Softcell’s service offerings and are growing at a rapid pace. High level of reliability and availability forms the bedrock of such services as customers are hosting critical applications including customer-facing applications which cannot afford downtime. Softcell must adhere to stringent SLAs, and its reputation as a service provider will be significantly impacted in case of deviation in service levels.


As a managed security solutions provider, Softcell hosts its Security Operations Centre (SOC) at the data centre which must be always available. Also, Softcell’s internal applications as well as customer portal for Employee Choice Program of Apple that are hosted in its data centre require high availability.


Setting up its own data centre infrastructure entails a lot of undifferentiated work, such as acquiring and managing infrastructure, and ensuring power supply and cooling. This will divert Softcell’s attention from its core activity of delivering technology-based services. Therefore, Softcell partnered with STT GDC India to fulfil its requirements for colocation services so it can focus on other critical activities.


STT GDC India Solution


Softcell uses STT GDC India’s data centres in Mumbai, Chennai and Pune, taking advantage of the best-in- class services wherein STT GDC India provides the physical infrastructure including uninterrupted power and adequate cooling to host its deployment, allowing Softcell to focus on managing operational complexities and deliver service excellence.


The Softcell-STT GDC India partnership started since Softcell’s inception in 1989 and has grown over the years. “We have partnered with STT GDC India for 24 years and have grown together as businesses. Starting with one colocation in Mumbai, as Softcell business grew, the partnership expanded to Chennai and now we have taken up space in Pune,” says Girish Landge, Head - Data Centre Solutions, Softcell.


The layered security of STT GDC India data centre helps Softcell demonstrate security compliance to its customers. There are stringent people, processes and procedures at all STT GDC India data centres and adherence to global standards with certifications, such as ISO and SOC. Security layers—which start at the perimeter, building, floor and at the cabinet level—are protected by personnel and backed by strong digital defence systems, including multiple authorization and authentication processes.


Customer Benefits


Riding on STT GDC India’s colocation solutions, Softcell is experiencing rapid business expansion of its data centre and hosting solutions. Says Girish Landge, Head - Data Centre Solutions, Softcell, “STT GDC India understands our business requirements and has fulfilled those consistently. In case there has been issues, they have resolved satisfactorily.”


Specifically, STT GDC India’s reliable data centre solutions have accrued the following benefits to Softcell:


  • Successfully scaled and delivered its data centre and hosting solutions.
  • Enabled the company to meet stringent security and compliance requirements as a service provider.
  • By selecting data centre locations across multiple geographies, Softcell has been able to architect and provision DR solutions to enterprise customers that are in compliance with DR best practices.
  • Enabled to focus on new service lines and expand its business instead of spending time on undifferentiated heavy lifting associated with the physical set up and maintenance of data centre.