STT GDC India: A Paragon of Excellence and a Great Place to Work

Oct 11, 2023
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Recognition and awards are the ultimate testament to an organisation’s commitment to its people. And when this acknowledgement comes from an esteemed institution like the Great Place to Work Institute, India, it carries an extra badge of pride and honour.


We are delighted to announce that STT GDC India has achieved the prestigious recognition of being certified as a Great Place to Work for the fourth consecutive year, starting from 2020. This certification serves as a testament to the unwavering trust and confidence our employees have placed in our organization.


The Great Place to Work: A Scorecard of Trust


The Great Place to Work Institute conducts a comprehensive and rigorous assessment of workplaces globally, benchmarking them on factors that matter most to employees. At the heart of this recognition lies the Trust Index score, a metric derived from employee feedback. STT GDC India proudly occupied a Trust Index score of 88 Vs India's Top 75 Great Mid-size Workplaces of 89.


Furthermore, as we beam with pride, we want to announce that we not only secured this certification but also clinched the 35th Ranking amongst the Top 50 India's Great Mid-Size Workplaces 2023 by the Great Place to Work® Institute.


Winning Over Employees: The STT GDC India Mantra


Our journey toward earning recognition as a "Great Place to Work " and one of the "Best Places to Work" is deeply rooted in our philosophy. When we prioritise the flourishing of our employees, the organisation inevitably prospers as well. Our collective success results from the dedication and contributions of everyone who has wholeheartedly invested their time, effort, and intellect into STT GDC India.


STT GDC India Great Place To Work, Winning Over Employees


A fundamental tenet of our belief system is that to truly win our customers' hearts, we must first capture the hearts of our employees. How do we accomplish this? By cultivating a culture that is robust and vibrant and a true embodiment of our core values.


This culture thrives on the twin pillars of collaboration and innovation. These cultural foundations assume a pivotal role as we navigate the challenges within the rapidly advancing data centre industry, particularly in the competitive colocation services market. They ensure that we consistently stay ahead of the curve, continuously meeting and often surpassing customer expectations.



STT GDC India’s Journey: More Than Just Infrastructure


STT GDC India, a part of ST Telemedia Global Data Centres (STT GDC), stands out in the Indian data centre market with its comprehensive suite of services. STT GDC India is a market-leading colocation Data Centre services provider, offering carrier-neutral colocation services. We excel in the management of the country's largest white spaces and critical IT load, showcasing our unwavering dedication to ensuring reliability, efficiency, and security. However, the consecutive recognition as a Great Place to Work underscores a different, equally important aspect of our operations: the value we place on our employees.


Employee-Centric Approach: The fact that STT GDC India has earned the Great Place to Work award for the fourth time in a row is a testament to its consistent efforts to ensure a positive, inclusive, and nurturing workplace. Employees are more than just a workforce; they are regarded as the company's backbone, whose well-being and satisfaction play a crucial role in the organisation's overall success.


Transparent Communication: One of the hallmarks of a great place to work recognition is transparent communication. STT GDC India has fostered an environment where ideas, feedback, and concerns can be freely exchanged between all levels of the organisation. Such transparency boosts employee morale and ensures that they feel valued and heard.


STT GDC India Great Place To Work


Continuous Learning and Development: The technology domain, especially data centres, is ever evolving. Recognising this, STT GDC India has invested in continuous learning and development programs for its employees. These initiatives ensure that employees are equipped with the latest skills and knowledge, ensuring personal growth and the company's momentum.


Wellness and Work-Life Balance: Today's fast-paced work environment often leads to burnout. STT GDC India has proactively addressed this by emphasising wellness and promoting a healthy work-life balance. From flexible working hours to wellness programs, the company has shown that it genuinely cares for its employees' holistic well-being.


Future-Ready: Embracing the Digital Era with Confidence


In the digital age, where data is paramount, STT GDC India stands tall as the market leader. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry innovations is unyielding. This is possible only because we have a team that is adept, agile, and ready to face challenges head-on.


Moreover, it is our growth-oriented culture that fuels our journey. A culture that thrives on expertise and adaptability. As we inch towards an increasingly digitalised world, this culture fortifies our position as a reliable partner, catering to the intricate nuances of the digital realm.


Looking Ahead with Gratitude and Ambition


While we cherish this recognition as a Great Place to Work, we know it is a reminder to raise our standards continually. The bar has been set, and as we look towards the future, our vision is clear: to foster a good working environment where our employees continually feel valued, heard, and inspired.


STT GDC India Great Place To Work, Gurugram Employees


This journey has been phenomenal, and while the accolades and recognitions are heartening, our true reward lies in the smiles of our employees, the camaraderie we share, and the milestones we collectively achieve.


STT GDC India sets a benchmark for companies by prioritising employee well-being, fostering respect, transparency, and continuous growth, and creating an exceptional work environment. While STT GDC India's prowess in delivering top-notch data centre services is well-established, its consecutive recognition as a Great Place to Work reinforces the idea that a company's true strength lies in its people. Let us continue to soar, setting benchmarks and creating a legacy that future generations will look up to with pride.


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