STT GDC India’s Centre of Excellence: supporting communities to grow stronger, together

Apr 23, 2021
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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) helps organizations of all sizes to endorse a positive impact, enabling them to build trust, improve awareness, and support social changes.


At STT GDC India, we not only understand but also respect the strategic importance of fostering business practices resulting in sustainable outcomes, economies, ecosystems and communities.


The newly inaugurated Experience Centre at STT GDC India's Centre of Excellence aims to address the industry's current ability and skill gap by providing hands-on training on data centre-related projects in a live simulation data centre environment. STT GDC India's one-of-a-kind corporate citizenship initiative aims to help students learn vital skills for a career in the data centre industry while also supporting their overall growth through life skills coaching.


STT GDC India's Centre of Excellence (CoE) is a place designed with unique competencies and resources that propels innovation, learning and training, and is focused on developing productivity and enhanced employee as well as consumer experiences.


Our Experience Centre aims to develop excellent practice in areas linking work-related learning in the data centre industry with live simulations to enable an experience that goes beyond classroom learning and empowers professionals with the right set of skills needed to make a mark in the DC industry.


STT GDC India's Take On Corporate Social Responsibility


Bringing positive changes through initiatives to empower communities, enhancing access to education (digital literacy), emphasizing skills growth, creating employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, promoting environmental as well as ecological sustainability, STT GDC India believes in supporting communities to ensure they grow stronger, together.


We understand that the benefits of corporate social responsibility extend far beyond just monetary profits. The Centre of Excellence proactively addresses critical needs and concerns of the industry, enabling developments to allow continual innovation, learning and development.


Here's a peek into the causes we care about and the impact we have made with our initiatives.


  • Lakhpati Farmers

    Our Impact: INR 1.5 Lakh additional income for 60% of the households registered with us.
    With a focus on India's central belt, specifically Gujarat, this program aims to cover 200 tribal households and bring about changes such as better irrigation facilities, better livestock management, and promoting cultivating high-value produce.


  • Skill Development And Employment Opportunities

    STT GDC India's Data Centre Operations Management course, as a part of the Skill Development And Employment Opportunities' initiative is being carried out as a tie-up with the Don Bosco Tech Society (DBTech) and Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF).

    The Experience centre initiative for the Data Centre Operations Management course was launched at STT GDC India's Centre Of Excellence to address the gaps between employment opportunities and industry-specific skillsets with a curriculum highlighting critical technical aspects to bridge the gap, providing valuable practical experience in a simulated data centre environment.


"As a leader in the data centre colocation market, we have always believed in pioneering initiatives that add value to the ecosystem. Skilled manpower has been a persistent challenge faced by the industry that needs to be addressed. Our Centre of Excellence in Bengaluru is a vital step in that direction. The purpose of this Experience Centre at our Centre of Excellence is to provide a platform for interested candidates to up-skill in alignment with industry requirements complete with practical learning opportunities, thereby enabling them to increase their employability quotient."


Sumit Mukhija, CEO, STT GDC India


With our Data centre operations management initiative, we aim to not only address the unique educational gaps, but also prepare the youth to stay updated on the latest developments in the industry, thus enabling them to be better equipped for their future.


About STT GDC India


At STT GDC India, we understand that CSR initiatives are not just critical for the environment, society, and the world at large, but also the organization's reputation.


STT GDC India runs 18 state-of-the-art data centres across 9 key cities in the country, establishing sustainable practices to reduce carbon print and create a positive environmental impact.


If you'd like to know more about our policies, you can find more details on the complete CSR policy here. Similarly, if you want to look at our new Experience Centre at STT GDC India's Centre Of Excellence, click here.