Fostering innovation, delivering exceptional outcomes, STT GDC India -- a people-first company

Jul 12, 2021
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At STT Global Data Centres India, encouraging and fostering a highly positive work environment is a key differentiator that drives employees towards higher motivation and productivity. The company believes in venturing beyond just customer centricity and prides itself with an unmatched employee first proposition. The company's strong employee orientation has enabled it to measure up to the highest standards of service excellence and set new benchmarks.


An innovator and leader in the Indian data centre industry, STT GDC India has pan India presence offering over 140 MW of critical IT load across 18 operational facilities in 8 major cities with more in the works, its best-in-class offerings, global standards of service, and an exceptionally skilled employee base of over 1200, including Critical Facility Management resources makes it the trusted service provider for global as well as large Indian customers. The company has consistently maintained market leadership with over 30 % revenue market share throughout the years and is witnessing high double digit YOY growth.


Sumit Mukhija, CEO, knows that putting people (employees) ahead of profits through shared values like trust, integrity and accountability, respect and dignity, together with intrapreneurship, freedom of expression and supported by value sharing and a flexible work environment, have the potential of fostering innovation and delivering exceptional outcomes.


To win over customers, we must first win over our employees. With this very belief, our culture is rooted in a philosophy of trust and rests on the values of mutual respect, integrity, diversity, and inclusion. These are the factors which set us apart as an organization and helped us take substantial business strides over the years. Especially during this past year when pandemic outbreak was at its peak and the very nature of our 24x7 mission critical business amplified the challenges even further, it is the courage and commitment displayed by each one of team members that helped us stay strong and deliver on the promise of reliability, availability, and business continuity for our customers. Our Net Promoter Score from the Customer Satisfaction Survey this year has increased by almost 10 points compared to the previous year. This is a reflection of the focus and grit demonstrated by the STT GDC India and an endorsement of our employee engagement practices.

Sumit Mukhija, CEO, STT GDC India


STT GDC India is an employee centric company. Its leadership inspires and guides its decisions and actions in ways that encourage and empower the employees to find innovative solutions to critical problems and business requirements. All the modern workplace and productivity resources are made available to the employees for anytime anywhere access to systems and resources as per their job role and requirements. The company, presents a melting point of highly motivated and experienced minds who are high on energy, innovation and commitment as they work towards tangible outcomes and customer centric solutions. This is what makes it a great place to work.


Growth, for STT GDC India, is not only about revenue and profitability but also about bringing positive changes through various corporate social initiatives that empower communities, enhancing access to education (digital literacy), emphasizing skills growth, creating employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, besides promoting environmental as well as ecological sustainability.


Sanjeev Verma, Sr. VP HR, believes, that creating a sustainable and growth-focused ecosystem, not only for its customer base but also for all its employees has been a major goal for STT GDC India, as a result, the company has managed to clock-in 32 plus hours of annual learning against a target of 28 hours. With a perfect blend of technical and behavioural learning, STT GDC India has been able to facilitate relevant and high impact learning sessions for all its employees.


During the pandemic as the CFM staff worked tirelessly to ensure business continuity and uptime for the customers, the organisation tried to enable them in any way possible. The employees were provided with paid accommodation, transport, and other incentives to keep the morale high in a very difficult time.


Our grit and perseverance, especially during the period of the lockdown clearly reflects the company's cultural ethos. The country witnessed a sudden surge in the usage of applications and services with a complete reliance on only digital resulting in organizations having to ramp-up their infrastructure and work consistently to meet increased demand and reliability requirements. While the country was riddled with restrictions and a deadly virus looming large, it is the people who walked an extra mile and made it all happen. The company prides itself over each and every employee and who have expressed their commitment and loyalty towards the company by working beyond their usual hours and surpassed expectations to ensure that the lights are always on.

Sanjeev Verma, Sr. V.P. HR, STT GDC India


Being a people first company, inclusion and diversity are inherently imbibed in the company's culture. With an increasing and consistent emphasis on gender diversity, STT GDC India has been able to integrate women employees in data centre engineering and operations which have been perceived as male dominated professions in the Industry. The company saw an increase of over 16% in women employees over the last 3 years and proud of perhaps being the only colocation services provider in India today to have women in mission critical operations roles. At STT GDC India, difference of opinions and conflicting views are seen as an opportunity to improve our operations and customer experience and this is where inclusion comes from. The company sees it's people first strategy and workplace diversity as a clear competitive advantage as per Bimal Khandelwal, CFO.


To ensure a great employee experience STT GDC India has rolled several engagement initiatives like Virtual Happy Hours (VHH), Wonder Women Contest over and above Talent Management, Role clarity driven Performance management & HR policies, along with Rewards & Recognition program, Wellness offering for mental wellbeing , Employee reach etc.


STT GDC India has been dedicated to upholding values of mutual respect, integrity, diversity, inclusion, and teamwork, maintaining the trust of stakeholders, employees and the community by observing the highest standards possible. The family has been growing by attracting the best of talent. In the last couple of years, STT GDC India has hired over hundred new employees across different functions, with quite a few of these positions closed via the employee referral scheme. The company has also introduced employee friendly schemes such as Night Shift Allowance and New-Year End Time Off.


STT GDC India focuses on ties that bind its people together, pay heed to core aspects of the leadership and broader group of leaders and managers. The organisation has made sure that the employees were able to adapt to the hybrid virtual model by enabling higher and better engagement. Employees who had to go to the data centres to work were provided with all that was necessary in terms of a hygienic work environment while safe travel was ensured for them.


STT GDC India believes that the vision of an organisation can only be realised with the active contribution to all stakeholders including the communities and society where it operates and thereby, as a company, we are committed towards creating a long-term positive impact for customers, employees, investors, and community.

Bimal Khandelwal, CFO, STT GDC India


Overall, STT GDC India is committed towards creating a fulfilling environment for each member of the STT GDC India family. The company aptly walks the talk and believes in delivering its promise of nurturing a great place to work basis the great opportunities it provides for learning, up-skilling and growth and above all for individualism to flourish.