Family Day Celebrations, 2019

Dec 17, 2019
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STT GDC India’s extended family came together on a weekend this month to celebrate our annual “family day”. Hosted in regional offices and hotels around the country, the event drew roughly 400 employees, family and friends – all eager to meet each other’s families make new friendships and deepen the ones that already exist and creating “horizontal” connections that will spread to all the family unit.


Special programs were on offer for the day, exciting and fun filled games, a special family-day menu in the cafeteria (in regional offices & hotels), and a photo-booth, where guests could pose for pictures. For employees with small children, there were plenty of fun activities to keep the little ones engaged. Attractions included a kids’ space with a painting booth, carnival games like balloon pop, amongst others However, the most popular activity for family day’s young visitors was undoubtedly the opportunity to meet and play with other youngsters.


Company CEO, Sumit Mukhija was on hand in Delhi to shed light on STT GDC India’s growth story and the values that bind us. He further emphasised on how it is very important to provide employees the opportunity to show their families where we work, what we do, and what STT GDC India stands for. By inviting the most important people in our lives to the office, everybody can feel proud to be part of the STT GDC India family.


Sumit’s sentiment was shared by many of the staff participating in the event. B. Perumal, from the operations team in Chennai, took time out from eating lunch with his family and said, “My family is very glad to see the inside of the office, where I work. My wife was impressed by the office and my son loved the fun filled interactive sessions organized for him.”


Mathew Thomas from the operations team in Pune, was equally excited about the opportunity to show his family where he works. “We all take for granted how amazing this place is – until we get the chance to re-live the excitement with our family!


Anita Dey Mishra from the Customer Experience team in Delhi came with her family. “I was extremely excited to show my entire family where I work, everyone commented on how big and green the campus was and how much fun they had, so I’m thrilled!”


For others the fun was not just in showing off the office to their families, but in showing their families to the office. “It’s great to be here with family to show off our wonderful work environment. Better yet, it’s great to get to show off the family to co-workers,” said Rajeev Sinha from the Mumbai Sales team.