“Safety Starts with Me”: STT GDC India’s take on importance of EHS in DC Industry

Feb 23, 2021
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EHS, or 'Environment, Health and Safety,' is a general concept that refers to an organisation's initiatives ensuring the health and safety of employees and the public while also protecting the environment against business-related hazards and ensuring compliance towards national and local regulations.


In recent years, the EHS umbrella has progressively evolved to include operational risk management, as climate change has imposed emerging risks such as resource scarcity and an increased occurrence of natural disasters.


Subsequent to the exponential growth in the demand for data centres by businesses and the use of building management services necessitates regulatory requirements to safeguard the environment as well as people who play a part in the function of businesses.


At STT GDC India, we believe that 'Safety is not defined by the outcome, but rather the process itself, and are therefore geared to create a culture resonating EHS excellence within our business and prioritize EHS compliance. While we work together to build an infrastructure supporting the growing digital economy, we also consider the health, safety, well-being and dignity of all our stakeholders, employees and the extended workforce.


STT GDC India's Environmental, Health and Safety Values


Our EHS values reflect the principles and culture that we aim to achieve in the EHS space. As we continue with our growth pace by expanding into new locations in India, STT GDC India is prepared to rise to the challenges of accomplishing consistent, exemplary performance in all Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) matters.




We believe in transparency and accountability, along with being committed to high EHS standards and complying with laws and policies.




We are highly committed to protecting the health and well-being of all those with a part to play in our business, whether they are employees, contractors or consumers.




We will educate, train, and inspire our stakeholders, people and partners to operate in a safe, responsible, and sustainable manner.




We actively protect the local environment and the habitats around our assets from hazardous events.




We accept that EHS excellence is a perpetual endeavour and commit to a continual improvement process.




We will evaluate the success of our EHS performance and establish performance goals in a fair and transparent manner.




We only work with supply chain and development partners who are compatible with our EHS values and commitments.


At STT GDC India, we understand the critical EHS concerns surrounding data centres' management. Therefore, by undertaking the development and implementation of appropriate regulations, controls and policies, STT GDC India objectively aims to protect the environment and keep the workers safe. While working in a state-of-the-art data centre is as safe as it gets, we advocate that one should always stay on top of safety and security.


Safety Month Celebrations at STT GDC India


STT GDC India is geared up to raise awareness and enhance workplace safety. We believe that 'Safety' is a continual process, and it does not end with National Safety Day or our Safety Month Celebrations. STT GDC India aims to continue catering to the interests of employees, collaborators, consumers, and service providers on our Safety goal of 'Zero Incident - Zero Harm,' which is not limited to this year but is intended to go beyond into the future.


Sumit Mukhija, CEO of STT GDC India, flagged off the 'Safety Starts with Me' campaign on 12th March, under which the company has planned a month-wide program with various activities like safety quiz and safety storytelling, along with awareness events such as Safety Awareness training and Partners Safety Programs, to promote a culture of safety. Timed right around the National Safety Week, STT GDC India is celebrating a whole month dedicated to raising awareness about safety at workplaces and EHS values across all our 17 mission-critical facilities.


As an organization, STT GDC India has demonstrated exceptional support from all management levels and its employees, enabled innovative solutions to tackle safety challenges, integrated extensive training programs, and reported significantly lesser risk incidents than the industry average. We believe that the prevention of incidents is the foundation of any safety process. Hence, we are integrating a culture of safety across the board.


At STT GDC India, we take pride in our initiatives aimed at raising awareness about EHS and the ways our workforce is engaged in safety practices. Besides, while it is an apparent moral obligation, it is also a mandatory requirement as per the regulations of the Ministry of Labor and Jobs, India (1986). Thus, reiterating the fact that 'Safety Always Starts With You.'


Join us to spread the awareness about safety-at-the-workplace today, or stay tuned for more information on the topic of EHS in the coming months!