DE-CIX India and its expansion to 10 DCs in the country

Aug 17, 2020
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DE-CIX India, formerly the Mumbai Internet Exchange, has now expanded to ten locations in the country, it announced on August 14. DE-CIX internet exchanges are located in Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi. In Chennai and Delhi, the company has points of presence at ST Telemedia's data centres, which used to be wholly owned by Tata Communications. The company said that it was expanding its footprint to meet increased data demand after the COVID-19 pandemic.


Internet exchanges like DE-CIX and Extreme Internet Exchange allow ISPs to peer with streaming services, cloud platforms, social media sites and communication apps at a low cost. "With this expansion DE-CIX is now the largest Internet Exchange operator in India in terms of connected capacity," DE-CIX said in its press release.


Fixed line broadband operators have had to increase capacity in the weeks following COVID-19; Excitel's CEO Vivek Raina said that while the ISP's network was able to handle traffic well enough, it had to expand its access to backhaul internet, which saw a 60-65% surge in usage.


"[DE-CIX] is now located at Tata Communications in Bangla Sahib and Tata Communications in GK1 in Delhi and, at Bharti Airtel Santhome and Tata Communications in Chennai and Kolkata. Beginning with Web Werks DC 2 in Mumbai it expanded to other locations in the city such as GPX DC1, Netmagic DC5, STT Mumbai (Tata Communications) and Sify,"DE-CIX said.

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