Data Centre Services: Disaster Recovery for Managing Your Mission-Critical Applications

Nov 18, 2022
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Disaster Recovery (DR) is the process of restoring access to data and systems in case services are interrupted by an emergency situation that impacts a company’s critical business operations. Disaster recovery is important for firms of all sizes because 40% of businesses close down shop within five years after experiencing a catastrophe.


Disasters are no longer one-off or rare events thanks to the growing number of security breaches, viruses, data corruption problems, hardware failures, software issues, and others. Though more serious events like sabotage, power interruptions, fires, and weather-associated causes are quite rare, it still pays for companies to be prepared for all possible eventualities.


Disaster Consequences


  • Financial loss
  • Loss of data
  • Production loss
  • Inability to pay employees
  • Cash flow issues
  • Loss of goodwill/credibility
  • Loss of customers/business


Loss of Customers/Business


A disaster can severely affect and even halt a company’s operations which will frustrate its customers. Disappointed by the poor performance, the organization’s customers may leave in droves for competitors. In this way, downtime can prove costly to the enterprise.


Loss of Goodwill/Credibility


A disaster can badly impact a corporation’s public image because of its inability to provide service at all times. Even though the downtime may be only for a few minutes, it can still bring a company down. Once lost, it can be very hard for a firm to restore public credibility and goodwill.


Cash Flow Problems


A disaster can decrease the sales and revenue of a company, and create cash flow problems. The organization may fail to reach its set revenue goals because of the downtime. Thus, an emergency can impact a firm financially too.


Inability to Pay Staff


The cash-strapped company may find it hard to meet commitments like paying staff salaries, bills, and other expenses. This may disgruntle employees and create a bad atmosphere at work. The organization would also need to deal with staff issues as a consequence of the disaster.


How to Prepare a Disaster Recovery Plan with STT GDC India’s industry Expertise?


Does your firm know what to do in case a disaster strikes? How will you cope with the situation? Are adequate resources available to fight fires? Disaster planning needs industry expertise and global resources that businesses would be better off dedicating to managing daily business functions.


Consult Experts at STT GDC India


We undertake turnkey disaster recovery projects and cover aspects like business impact evaluation, defining and preparing business continuity strategies, risk mitigation, sizing disaster recovery, carrying out simulation tests in implementing and maintaining the disaster recovery site, and more. Our services include:


Hot DR Services


STT GDC India presents hot disaster recovery site as well as synced data centre services for vital business systems and applications. The hot site replicates the customer’s data and it can deploy and merge leading high-availability capabilities to enable the client to swiftly recover even from major catastrophes.


Warm DR Services


This solution pre-loads the servers at the substitute location with software, applications, and operating systems. It runs updates periodically and is ready any time to replace the chief data centre.


Cold DR Services


In this data centre managed service, backup duplicate tapes are transported to a STT GDC data centre where they are stored in a fireproof place. If needed in case of emergency, the tapes are taken out and placed on the recovery server.


Avail Valuable Services from STT GDC India


Disaster recovery is a new and innovative service from STT GDC that enables companies of all sizes to keep their data safe at an affordable cost. Our disaster recovery framework is designed for the requirements of enterprises and uses read-to-implement, scalable private cloud architecture. Our solution supports the complete Windows and LAMP Stack for DR services.


Our pioneering DR services framework ensures companies get the same advantages of a complete disaster recovery site, at a much lesser cost.


In traditional DR methods, organizations invested all their software/hardware resources at the disaster recovery site upfront since they wouldn’t be able to organize these after a disaster strikes.


STT GDC’s new approach stocks these resources and makes them available to clients if an emergency happens. Companies can simply store their data in ST Telemedia Global Data Centres e-vaults and can make their DR site functional in just a few hours if needed. In this way, our offering beats other DR solutions when it comes to cost and accessibility.