Data centre calibration: the growth of small businesses in Kolkata, the City of Joy

Jul 27, 2021
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Currently, the colocation data centre market in Kolkata is poised for high growth. Considered as the Gateway to East India, the city of Kolkata has seen a rise in number of data centres that provide the needed infrastructure and backbone for the scaling of local businesses. In this article, we discuss in what ways they are contributing to business growth in the city.


Growth of Local Businesses in Kolkata


Kolkata has a thriving economy and it received FDI of US$1.2 billion in 2018-19. The city has thriving leather goods, IT, financial, biotechnology, and other industries. The World Bank is expected to invest $300 billion to build infrastructure across Kolkata.


Know How Data Centres Help in Scaling Small Businesses


Data centres in Kolkata are boosting business growth by offering the following advantages:


Increased Data Storage


Enterprises are generating a staggering volume of data each year and data centres in Kolkata need to store it securely and provide anytime access. The increasing use of edge computing and IoT (Internet of Things) devices is posing huge challenges. Organizations need a place to store the unstructured data that they wish to analyze later.


Plus, legal obligations need to be met and data needs to be held on to for a stipulated time for which adequate storage capacity is required. Colocation data centres in Kolkata are the solution for the data storage needs of businesses and they don't have to invest in their own facility.


More Compute Resources


To analyze the terabytes of unstructured data collected from mobile devices and social media applications, machine learning tools and sophisticated algorithms are required. These platforms need plenty of computing resources to operate. Even small companies can take advantage of big data analytics by buying cloud computing services from a data centre.


This enables small businesses to rapidly expand their services and boost their productivity without needing to invest in new infrastructure. They can pay only for the computing resources they need based on annual usage patterns and thus save money.


Improved Connectivity Options


Carrier-neutral data centres present an array of connectivity features, enabling companies to custom develop their infrastructure and rearrange it as needed. Enterprises can select from several ISP carriers to meet their future and current bandwidth requirements or choose a combination of vendors for better security and reliability. They can opt to pick from multiple public cloud carriers or decide to create their own multi-cloud or hybrid architecture within a data centre.


Multi-tenant data centres providean open infrastructure and an array of tools that can be seamlessly integrated to meet the data centre needs of businesses. The infrastructure of these facilities is built for better connectivity which eliminates worries about the compatibility of their services and systems. If there are any issues, client companies need not think about hiring IT experts to carry out changes as the data centre's experienced staff can troubleshoot the concerns quickly.


Enhanced Security


Data security is vital to protect confidential business and client information. But it can be expensive to run a facility and implement security measures like biometric authentication, security personnel, video monitoring, and others. By hiring a colocation data centre, companies can avail the facility's advanced logical access systems and physical security.


In large organizations, not all employees should be given access to vital company data and assets. Placing assets in a data centre enables these firms to better handle access to their valuable resources. They can easily add or take out staff members from access groups as required and deploy added security measures to minimize the risk of mistakes.


Improved Compliance


Growing businesses need to comply with government and industry regulations and this can be a challenge. They need to ensure their confidential personal data is managed properly and financial data has the needed security encryptions. These measures are essential to safeguard data and prevent breaches which can lead to customer lawsuits or government penalties.


Thankfully, our colocation data centres in Kolkata adherecore compliance. STT GDC India helps you offload the most stressful functions, thanks to our vast experience in Data Centre Management operations. Our advanced data centre facility in Kolkata is ideal for serving as your primary data centre, providing round-the-clock assistance, besides being strategically situated as well as provides highly redundant power capabilities to meet and exceed the highest standards of the industry.


In these ways, a data centre in Kolkata offers cost-effective IT infrastructure solutions and technology assets for enterprises. By partnering a quality data centre, enterprises can get the flexibility to easily adapt to new demands and make full use of their resources to gain a competitive edge and grow their business.


STT GDC India is a leader in the colocation and data centre services market in India. We manage 21 state-of-the-art facilities in nine cities to fulfill the IT infrastructure needs of our client companies.