Celebrating Safety Week: STT GDC India's Commitment to ESG Excellence

Jun 12, 2024
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In today's digital world, data centres serve as the backbone of a digitally evolved society, powering everything from online transactions to critical communications. However, amidst technological advancements and data-driven innovations, one fundamental aspect takes precedence: safety. The need for safety within data centres cannot be overstated, as these facilities house mission-critical infrastructure vital for the seamless functioning of businesses, governments, and organisations. From safeguarding sensitive data to protecting personnel and equipment, prioritising safety is a necessity.


Importance of safety at STT GDC India

At STT GDC India, safety isn't just a priority—it's a culture. As a leading data centre provider, we understand the paramount importance of maintaining the highest standards of safety, not only for our employees but also for the environment and the communities we serve. That's why we celebrate Safety Week, an annual event at STT GDC India.


How was it celebrated at STT GDC India

This year, our Safety Week theme was "Focus on Safety Leadership for ESG Excellence." The theme highlighted our unwavering dedication to safety leadership and its integral role in achieving Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) excellence. We understand that effective safety practices are not just about protecting our workforce; they are also important for promoting responsible and sustainable business conduct. By integrating safety into our ESG strategies, we aim to create a safer and healthier future for all.


Throughout Safety Week, we organised various activities and initiatives to engage employees and promote a culture of safety. The celebrations kicked off with the CEO's safety townhall, which set the tone for the week ahead and reinforced our unwavering commitment to safety in all our operations. We then hoisted the flag and performed a safety oath-taking ceremony, reaffirming our commitment to safety at all levels of the organisation. We then signed the safety pledge, demonstrating our collective determination to prioritise safety in the workplace. A stirring motivational speech was delivered by the esteemed management team that ignited inspiration and reaffirmed the significance of adhering to safety protocols. Following the enriching initiatives, we continued our path to safety on a sweet note by distributing delectable snacks and sweets.



As part of our commitment to employee well-being, we partnered with Narayana Hospitals to conduct a health check-up camp. Additionally, we organised a blood donation camp in collaboration with the Lions Club, providing employees with the opportunity to give back to the community and save lives. Lastly, a tree plantation drive was organised, allowing our employees to contribute to the environment.


Education is key to fostering a culture of safety, which is why we conducted several training sessions during Safety Week. Our employees received firefighting and first aid training sessions. We organised an interactive ‘Chalta Bolta’ quiz that served as an innovative educational tool, designed to impart crucial knowledge and insights regarding workplace safety protocols to all workers. We also conducted training sessions on power tools from Bosch, equipping them with the knowledge to safely operate equipment in the workplace. Finally, we conducted a mock drill for an oil spill, ensuring employees are prepared to respond effectively in an emergency. We understand safety extends beyond the workplace, which is why we partnered with senior police officers to conduct a road safety awareness session.


We also organised various activities and competitions to engage our employees and raise awareness:

  • Safety-themed kids drawing competition
  • Safety awareness program in schools for children
  • Safety-themed rangoli competition
  • Environment, health, and safety walk through
  • Safety-themed slogan making competition
  • Quiz competition
  • Safety rally


Recognising the exemplary dedication and contributions towards safety exhibited by our employees throughout the week, we conducted an award ceremony to show appreciation for their unwavering commitment.


Milestones Achieved

We proudly celebrated two significant milestones during the safety week: 10 million+ Safe Work Hours achieved in Projects and 9 million+ Safe Work Hours achieved in Operations. These milestones are a testament to our and our employees’ dedication and vigilance in  prioritising safety in everything we do.


STT GDC India Milestones Achieved Safe Work Hours



Safety Week at STT GDC India was a resounding success, thanks to the participation of our employees. As we conclude Safety Week 2024 celebrations, let's carry forward the spirit of safety leadership for ESG excellence in all our endeavors.


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