Enabling business continuity in a data-driven economy, amidst an ecosystem of isolation

Apr 17, 2020
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The vulnerability of businesses across the globe during this point of time, is unprecedented. In the past months, the outbreak of Covid-19 has taken the world by storm and has clearly made a huge impact on business across industries. As a result of isolation and social distancing, businesses are actively re-strategizing their customer touchpoints which is either slowing down the entire process or making business continuity a challenge. It’s no joke, having to re-think entire business strategies in a matter of weeks, or even days.


It is during such times, that the right business partner can make a world of a difference. In a data driven economy there is opportunity in every corner and choosing the right Data Centre provider can be a make-or-break decision.


Changing landscape of transactions


With major cities of the world under lockdown, work from home and schooling from home is the new normal. Massive amount of data is being generated and consumed, as people lean more on the internet. Online is the preferred medium over anything physical and only a robust Data Centre can ensure an environment where every user can be catered to and be given a seamless experience. For one, the e-commerce industry as a whole can leverage data centres to take their game to the next level. This would also be beneficial in the long run as the world is steadily moving towards an economy where digital transactions are at the forefront.


STT GDC India’s operational readiness ensures that even such external factors do not hamper our operations and thereby, ensures business continuity for you. Our suite of reliable and robust Colocation services, which are trusted by the top Fortune 500 companies to host their mission critical infrastructure, ensure that your business goes on as normal, even when the world is going through a crisis.


Ensuring data security amidst crisis


Operating amidst a digital environment has its own share of challenges, with cyber threat being on the top of the list. Mitigating risks has always been a major concern for digital channels, and during these trying times when so many things are falling apart, ensuring business continuity with minimal threats is of paramount importance. In an environment where consumers and service providers are interacting extensively over digital platforms, Data Centres have a special role to play.


STT GDC India’s commitment to physical as well as data security is best-in class, thus making it absolutely easy for businesses to focus on their services, while we ensure your data is safe with us.


Staying Connected


As a carrier-neutral Data Centre, STT GDC India’s smart synergistic combination of colocation and network services makes it easy for businesses to stay connected, globally. As the world is experiencing a major lockdown or going into complete isolation, businesses are quick on their feet to redefine their digital strategies. In this scenario, STT GDC India’s connectivity services are optimized for a variety of deployment scenarios, including hybrid deployments and multi Data Centre environments, making it absolutely seamless for businesses to operate and function in a fully digital ecosystem.


Continuity of mission critical operations


As a provider of 24x7 mission critical infrastructure services, STT GDC India’s business continuity plans are in sync with the government’s safety advisories. With a safety-first policy in place for our employees, customers, partners and all involved stakeholders, we are ensuring that our on-site personnel and engineers are abiding by all the safety standards.


STT GDC India’s Data Centres support a business ecosystem which spans across industries including key businesses dealing with essential services. With the implementation of our business continuity plan, we have been able to ensure uninterrupted operations for our customers till date. With increasing demand for services online amidst the nationwide lockdown, we are one of the leading Data Centre providers who are supporting this massive spurt in demand and are ensuring smooth operations without any downtime.


Built on a strong culture of trust, STT GDC India is committed in keeping things in perspective for all the customers, partners and stakeholders during this ever-evolving situation so that business continuity is not hampered in these critical times. When it comes to partnering with STT GDC India, we have kept in mind that our business continuity plan ensures we meet our stringent SLAs even during a time of crisis. By creating a unique Data Centre Business Continuity Plan right from the start, and including monitoring of primary outage factors, STT GDC India can help you to guarantee uptime and service availability within our Data Centre facilities.