Why business connectivity is necessary for growth

May 21, 2019
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A decade or two ago, the telephone was the old-world way of connecting with family friends and businesses. The basic idea hasn't changed much today, people do love connecting with others, chatting, and entertainment, yet just the mediums have changed.


Now there are social media channels, streaming media, piping music, news and information and so forth.


Today, video on demand is quickly becoming a key part of the entertainment mix - especially on smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. And as consumers are paying for access to online content, they are expecting a superlative broadcast quality experience.


Just imagine a customer not being able to watch these favorites due to poor connectivity:


  • The final episode of Game of Throne's season 8
  • ICC Cricket World Cup 2019
  • Celebrity wedding pictures/videos on Instagram


A poor streaming experience, especially in this hyperconnected world can have worrying effects. Customers are quick to abandon a negative viewing experience as they now have numerous options at their fingertips.


Moreover, with respect to customer service too, they expect businesses to have top-notch connectivity!


In simple words, being connected is a fact of modern life, and businesses are no exception. Customers expect to connect with businesses as they do everywhere else - wherever they are, on their terms and in a very personal way.


Put simply, modern consumers:


  • No longer go by 9 to 5 business hours
  • Want to be able to communicate and engage with a business at any time
  • They expect businesses to be able to accommodate this need


All of these boils down to one thing - consumers have become tech-savvy, and they expect businesses to be on par. So, whether the business is in entertainment, telecom, or healthcare industry, the expectation of its connectivity does not differ much.


Connectivity is the Force That Drives Business


The amount of data that organizations consume today has raised the significance of connectivity. Businesses are constantly downloading and uploading data, whether it's:


  • Connecting to customers or
  • Processing transactions or
  • Working with remote teams


Also, it is noted that the behavior of customers has evolved. Earlier when the primary focus was downloading the content; today, uploading content is also becoming an increasingly universal activity. And how can we forget the growing popularity of online video content?


When it comes to the better online viewing experience, smooth playback has become the single most important attribute. But unfortunately, many online video streaming services are prone to video re-buffering, mainly due to:


  • Unpredictable nature of the internet
  • Last-mile bandwidth connectivity to the consumer device


Thus, arises the need for hyperscale data centers to handle the growing demand of real-time requests and maintain the steady streaming video quality!


Making it Easier with Colocation Data Centers


The internet has seen extraordinary development in emerging IoT devices, streaming media and application-run businesses, which are all sensitive to latency. Issues with latency can't be settled with technology alone, but rather through geography. One of the most effective solutions is to push the content to the edge of the network by deploying data center facilities.


  • A data center facility is something beyond just power and appropriate space in the right city
  • It's all about providing service offerings close to customers within respective locations and being carrier dense, and connectivity-rich


However, the cost of building a data center facility can quickly devour the IT budget and hinder the ability to compete. A practical approach would be to find a colocation data center service provider who can not only provide power and space but also easy access to multiple carriers and security services. All these can enhance your business connectivity and also remove the burden of acquiring these services on your own.


Therefore, businesses who want to be better positioned to lead the industry into this dynamic new era must consider partnering with a good colocation service provider. STT GDC India is one such leading provider who effectively addresses the need for business connectivity with its cost-effective, reliable and secured data centers in Mumbai and other locations. Such providers host mission-critical infrastructure for businesses.


All in all, with a wide range of data centers in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and other cities, colocation service providers help businesses meet the ever-changing demands of the dynamic marketplace. Moreover, partnering with the right colocation provider can offer reliable, fast and cost-effective connectivity! And connecting to customers as well as providing them with good connectivity can evolve new business opportunities.