7 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Data Centre in Hyderabad

Jul 21, 2023
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Data centers are pivotal infrastructure facilities designed to store, manage, and process vast amounts of digital data securely and efficiently. These centers serve as the backbone of modern technological ecosystems, supporting a wide range of industries, including finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and telecommunications, among others. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and advanced cooling systems, data centers ensure optimal performance and reliability, allowing businesses to access critical information and applications without interruptions. By providing a robust foundation for data storage and computational power, data centers play a crucial role in enabling digital transformation and driving innovation across various sectors.


Hyderabad: A Dynamic Metropolis Blending Tradition and Modernity


Hyderabad, located in the southern part of India, is a dynamic metropolis that skillfully merges tradition and modernity. The city boasts a rich cultural heritage, evident through its historical landmarks like the majestic Charminar and the opulent Golconda Fort, which stand as testaments to its illustrious past. Additionally, Hyderabad has transformed into a major technology and business hub, housing numerous IT companies and global enterprises, playing a vital role in its economic growth. Apart from its historical and economic significance, Hyderabad also offers delightful cuisine, warm hospitality, and beautiful landscapes, making it an appealing destination for both tourists and business travelers. This city perfectly encapsulates India's diversity and progress.


Benefits of Data Centres in Hyderabad


The significance of data centres in this digital age cannot be overstated, and the burgeoning IT hub of Hyderabad has positioned itself as a pivotal player in this arena. With its strategic location, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and thriving tech ecosystem, Hyderabad's data centres offer many benefits that drive modern enterprises' growth and efficiency.


1. Geographical Advantage


Situated at the crossroads of North and South India, Hyderabad boasts a strategic geographical location that plays a pivotal role in catering to a widespread client base. Its proximity to major cities and an extensive network of highways and railways facilitated seamless connectivity and swift data exchange, reducing latency and enhancing user experience.


2. Robust Infrastructure


The data centres in Hyderabad are characterised by their world-class infrastructure. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, redundant power systems, advanced cooling mechanisms, and stringent security protocols, these centres ensure uninterrupted operations, safeguarding critical data against potential disruptions. The robust infrastructure translates to enhanced reliability and uptime, which is crucial for the continuity of businesses in the digital realm.


3. Scalability and Flexibility


One of the primary advantages of data centres in Hyderabad is their scalability. As businesses experience growth and evolving demands, these centres offer the flexibility to expand or shrink resources. This eliminates the need for extensive upfront investments and allows enterprises to optimise operational costs while swiftly adapting to changing market conditions.


4. Cost Efficiency


Establishing and maintaining an on-premises data infrastructure can be exorbitantly expensive. Hyderabad's data centres provide a cost-effective alternative by offering shared services and economies of scale. Businesses can leverage these facilities to minimise capital expenditures, reduce energy consumption, and allocate resources judiciously, optimising overall operational costs.


5. Expertise and Support


Data centres in Hyderabad house a pool of skilled professionals with extensive expertise in managing and maintaining complex IT infrastructure. This expertise is readily available to businesses, allowing them to focus on their core competencies while relying on seasoned professionals to manage their data storage, security, and performance optimisation.


6. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity


The importance of disaster recovery and business continuity planning must be considered. Hyderabad's data centres offer comprehensive disaster recovery solutions with robust backup systems and failover mechanisms. This ensures businesses can swiftly recover data and resume operations in the face of unexpected disruptions, minimising downtime and potential revenue losses.


7. Green Initiatives


Sustainability is a critical concern today, and Hyderabad's data centres are just a little behind in addressing this issue. Many of these centres adopt energy-efficient technologies, including advanced cooling systems, efficient server configurations, and renewable energy sources, contributing to a reduced carbon footprint and aligning with global environmental goals.


8. Seismic Stability: A Pillar of Reliability


Hyderabad's placement in seismic zone 2, characterised by low-to-moderate seismic activity, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the reliability and security of data center operations. Unlike regions prone to high seismic activity, the risk of major earthquakes is significantly reduced in zone 2, safeguarding critical data, equipment, and infrastructure from the potential ravages of natural disasters.


As Hyderabad continues to emerge as a tech powerhouse, its data centres stand tall as vital enablers of growth, innovation, and resilience in the digital era.


The Role of STT GDC India in Hyderabad for Meeting Data Centre Requirements


STT GDC India's data centre in Hyderabad offers world-class facilities, infrastructure, and services to businesses of all sizes. The facility is equipped with cutting-edge technologies that ensure prominent levels of security, reliability, and performance. Its robust infrastructure includes redundant power sources, cooling systems, and connectivity options. The facility is also designed to withstand natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods, ensuring the safety of critical business data. Further in this blog, we will talk about the factors to consider while choosing a data centre in Hyderabad [1].


7 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Data Centre in Hyderabad

There are ample factors that, when combined, lead to a smooth and steady flow. Let us dig a little deeper to understand this further. If you are new to this growing and opportunity-driven city, here is what you should look for while opting for a data centre [2] in Hyderabad.


1. Location


Location is a prime factor to consider before choosing a data centre. The first thing to keep in mind is how easily someone from your company can get to the physical location since you need to visit it for various purposes timely. In addition, you will need to upgrade or service your pieces of equipment, and therefore location is a huge consideration. You must also consider how prone the area is to natural disasters since it can affect the workflow if anything happens. Ask your data centre provider to investigate these factors to avoid disrupting your work environment.


2. Flexibility And Scalability


We all need our providers to meet our needs, and that too, for the long run; thus, different data centre providers offer assorted services and added levels of flexibility. Therefore, choose wisely because some will provide box solutions to your issues, and some might need help to meet your requirements. Also, find out the availability of extra space for expansion; you might never know if you wish to expand your business in future and, therefore, might need extra space. This is, however, a wise decision, and you should consider this before choosing a data centre in Hyderabad.


3. Reliability


This factor is critical to consider when choosing a data centre in Hyderabad. However, it is measured as uptime in the world of data centres, and a reliable provider must offer a high uptime which is ideally 100%. Next, you should consider the most crucial factors like staff certifications, customer feedback, on-site technical support etc.


4. Deployment Efficiency


If you need a new cross-connect or additional rack space, then this is what you need to consider. Since many new businesses want their new space to be set up as soon as possible, deployment efficiency can be tricky sometimes. While choosing a data centre in Hyderabad, you must ensure that your service providers communicate with the potential vendor to avoid any loopholes.


5. Network Ecosystem


One significant advantage of data centres is the ability to interconnect within a shared space. Be it your business partner, distributors, or even competitors, interconnection can be of great value to your business. Before deciding, be aware of the available connectivity options.


6. Financial Stability


Ideally, the data centre you choose should serve you for at least five years; therefore, make sure that you invest in a data centre in Hyderabad that is financially stable and meets all your needs in the long run. You do not want to spend money on data centres that shut down within a few years. Look at press releases, financial reporting, and history to know how stable the company is.


7. Lemming Effect


An overall indicator for anyone looking for a data centre in Hyderabad is to get an idea of the number of providers in the area. If multiple providers are established in that area, it is geographically hospitable and has good network connectivity and reliable utility services.


Since the data centres hold a crucial asset of any organisation or government sector that is of great value, any loss of critical data can lead to disruption in the organisation. Thus, you must consider the factors you must look for in a data centre while choosing one.


State-of-the-Art Feature of STT GDC Hyderabad


STT GDC India's Hyderabad data centre offers a range of services to meet the diverse needs of its clients. By using the data centre, businesses in Hyderabad can reduce their IT infrastructure costs and improve their operational efficiency. Additionally, the data centre is strategically located that offers easy access to major transportation routes and airports, making it convenient for businesses to manage their data operations. In the next section, we will talk about state-of-the-art features of the data centre in Hyderabad.


STT GDC India’s Hyderabad DC offers a range of state-of-the-art features designed to provide businesses and organisations with dependable, efficient, and secure data centre services. The STT GDC India’s data centre in Hyderabad has been purpose-built with reinforced concrete. It is situated in HITEC city, Madhapur and has been operational since 2007. This facility has been rated as TIA 942 Rated-3, which is recognized as a high-quality standard for data centre facilities across the world.


With innovative technologies and services, STT GDC India can meet the diverse needs of businesses and organisations across a range of industries. The state-of-the-art features that set it apart from other data centres in the region includes:


Advanced cooling systems : STT GDC India’s Hyderabad DC power and cooling systems are designed to ensure maximum efficiency, reliability, and sustainability, reducing energy consumption and environmental impact. Moreover, there are cooling units with N+1 configuration and N+N air-cooled centralized chilled water with quick restart functions. The facility is also backed by N+1 critical system generators with 2N diverse pipe reticulation. Additionally, the cooling units are powered by 2N supply.


High-speed connectivity : The data centre offers high-speed, low-latency connectivity to ensure fast and reliable data transfer and access.


Multi-tier security measures : The data centre by STT GDC India in Hyderabad features multiple layers of security, including biometric authentication, 24/7 surveillance, and strict access controls, to ensure the highest level of data protection.


Flexible customisation options : The data centre offers a range of flexible customization options to meet the unique needs of businesses and organisations across a range of industries.


Advanced Power Facility : The data centre uses a combination of grid power and backup generators to provide an uninterrupted power supply, with redundant power feeds and backup systems in place to prevent downtime in the event of an outage. This TIA-942-rated-3 facility [3] has 2 diverse and redundant 33 kV utility power supplies with N+1 generator systems. It also has distributed redundant power supply (UPS) with 13 minutes of battery backup. Moreover, with TL 9000, IEC 27001, and other certifications, it is one of the top data centres in Hyderabad.


Proximity to key markets : Located in the heart of Hyderabad's IT hub, STT GDC India provides easy access to key markets and business centres in the region.


State-of-the-art fire security system : The data centre is equipped with modern fire detection and suppression systems with 24/7 centralised fire alarm monitoring system in BMS room.


Environmental Factors : STT GDC India endeavours to build a sustainable foundation for the digital future. In response to the environmental factors, the data centres leverage carbon-free energy, comply with global standards, and follow water usage efficiency programs to reduce resource consumption.


STT GDC India is a great platform that ensures all the needs and requirements of your business and will provide better services in this digital economy. Their data centre in Hyderabad is in Hitech city, Madhupur, which hosts numerous BFSI & ITeS organisations. Connect with STT GDC India today to know details regarding the data centre in Hyderabad.