Megaport is changing the way people, enterprises, and services interconnect globally. Megaport’s Software Defined Network (SDN) connects 400+ data centres in countries across North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe. 

Megaport enables customers with fast, flexible, secure and on-demand connectivity to leading cloud, network, and managed service providers. Megaport’s Network as a Service solution offers greater agility, reduced operating costs, and increased speed to market compared to traditional connectivity options.

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STT Tai Seng 1
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Raymond Tan
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Cloud Connectivity

Services Provided

Cloud Connectivity

The most future-focused businesses are those with a streamlined, high-performance cloud architecture. Megaport helps its customers get to the cloud from wherever they are. On-demand global connectivity makes it easy to scale beyond your infrastructure, get greater control over your data, and stay competitive in your market. Megaport is the leading global Network as a Service (NaaS) provider. The Company’s Software Defined Network (SDN) enables the interconnection of enterprises and service providers across 400+ data centre locations around the globe. Fast, flexible, and dynamic, Megaport's connectivity solution is transforming the way businesses securely connect to the leading cloud providers such as Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Amazon Web Services, IBM, Salesforce, Alibaba, and Nutanix.