Services & Solutions

We recognise the necessity for technology options to match your unique IT requirements. With our comprehensive suite of best-in-class, purpose-built data centres and service offerings that are able to cater from single rack to multi-megawatt requirements, we will help you accomplish your business goals today and prepare for future growth.

Our colocation offerings are highly flexible, allowing us to meet every need in terms of deployment size, power requirements, or level of security. Scale from a single rack to an entire floor as you accelerate your business ahead at full speed.
Connectivity is the undeniable linchpin of our highly-digitised world. Through our wide range of robust connectivity options with flexible contract terms, STT GDC enables the interconnectivity you need – whether to the next data centre aisle, or across the globe.
Our carrier list will give you comprehensive information about our network service providers and allow you to search for network service providers by country and region across our facilities.
Rely on our qualified data centre technicians to provide you with the professional support in times of emergency, planned or routine maintenance. Get access to the highest standard of on-demand support whenever you need them.