Data Centre Service Providers Favours Data Localisation

Jun 06, 2020
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Customers can benefit from the economy of scale that is offered by STT GDC India. It is evident that the scale brings cost optimizations as well. Customers can benefit from our design and operational excellence. We are trusted with the mission-critical architectures of some of the top companies offering cloud, social media, OTT and financial services. We have an extensive number of checks and measures along with elaborate redundancy system to provide all our customers’ up to a 100 percent guaranteed uptime. We have built our best practices over the last 14 years and all this is offered to our customers as part of our services.


Customers can benefit by riding on our growth plans and reducing their CAPEX. As part of our growth plan in the next two years, we will offer more than 200 MW IT load to our customers. All this capacity is available to our customers on a consumption basis which reduces the CAPEX requirements for our end customers. This also means that the capacity is available when the customer needs it without waiting for multiple years of the build cycle.


Additionally, we help businesses run during tough times such as covid19. During the lockdown, data centres like us were given special status of “essential services” along with special passes for movement of personnel and other allowances and permissions. This, in turn, enables us to maintain, run and secure the data requirements of our clients and ensuring the smooth functioning of their businesses. Instead of creating personal structures, especially for large corporates, third party data centres are a better option as we already come equipped with the necessary requirement.

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